Antietam Bassmasters

2006, 2007 & 2011 MBF Club of the Year


We had our final tournament at the infamous Three Mile Island (ie. Goldsboro), but the 2015 season's point total was already decided.  Ken Rose  had a great season winning the Mr. Bass and Angler of the Year titles. Good job Ken! That didn't stop Ben Guscoria from having an outstanding day. He set a new record weight @ Goldsboro (5 fish at 16.92 lbs.) and also caught the lunker smallmouth for the year at 4.40 lbs. He said he caught almost all of his fish on a suspending jerkbait. Gene Milburn took second with a nice bag (15.50 lbs.) caught mostly on tubes.  Bob Hassler (14.01 lbs.) crankbaited his way to 3rd while his non-boater Curt Anthony tubed his way to 5th. (12.99 lbs.). Our Mr. Bass Ken Rose captured 4th with 14.01 lbs. (Bob had the bigger fish to break a tie) and Dave Miller rounded out the top 6 with 12.85 lbs.  We all had fun this year and look forward to de-throning Ken next year!!

Lake Erie

Curt Anthony wins at Erie. But it was not easy. The main lake was not giving up much in the way of fish. And the second day showed just how bad Erie can get. With some help from a local Curt was able to put together two solid days. Curt had 27 lbs.  6 oz. for the two days. And has to give a lot of thanks to his boater Dave Menton for keeping Curt on fish  in rough conditions for two days.  Mike Didawick was 2nd only ounces behind Curt. Mike had 26 lbs. 15 oz.

 Ken Rose fishing with Mike was third. That kept him in first place overall for the year. He also got o try  out that new boat in some bad conditions. Ben Gusciora managed a fourth place . But Zach Yinger had 5 th and a lunker smallmouth. He put a 4 lb. 4 oz. smallie in the boat in driving rain and 20 to 30 mph winds. Joe Hall was 6th.  Hats off to all that fished the second day!

                                                               Black Hills

       Conditions looked  great. Warmer start to the day then the last tournament. Water temp in the mid 50's. The water color near perfect. Someone forgot to tell the fish to bite. Ken  Rose used the tough bite to come up with his first club win. Ken had 5 lbs. 6 oz. and a 3 lb. 15 oz. largemouth.That gave him the win and moved him into first place overall. His lunker came on a rattle trap. Bob Hassler was 2nd with 4 lbs. 9 oz.  His came on a tube at "Conway's Hideaway". Jim Kline was 3rd with  2 lbs 10 oz. His fish came early in the day. Greg Patterson had 4th fishing with Mike Didawick. Who came in 6th. They also came in with just enough juice left in the batteries. Ben Guscuria fishing on his home turf was 5th. Now we are off to big lake and big fish.

                               Montgomery Ferry

  You may have heard the old song "slip sliding away". That's pretty much how the year started.  With air temps in the 20's the  ramp turned to a sheet of ice. Some people took to break dancing on the ramp. (Ben G.)  Tubes seemed to be the lure of the day . Joe Hall took 1st. with 12 lbs. 1 0z.  Newcomer Ken Rose was right there with a even 12 lbs. only 1 ounce behind . Curt was third 11 lbs. 8oz.  and Gene Milburn  was 4th with 10 lbs. 8 oz. Seemed fishing 3 out  of a boat did not slow down any of the top finisher's.   Les Milburn was 5th but also had 4 lb. Lunker. Bob hassler split lunker with him also with a 4 lb. smallmouth. Pint rounded out the points in 6th.  

 Welcome to our new guys. It's on to the Upper Bay and warmer Temps.   

              Goldsboro and end of year wrap up

Although fishing was off this year club the was on. Joe Hall made  the Maryland State team. So "Congrats" to him. Also we had a very  tight race for the club championship. It came down to the last tournament and the last fish of the day. Ben Gusciora culled his last fish of the day to pull out the win and secure Mr. Bass and Angler of the year. Nice job!! "Never Give Up" Joe Hall was 2nd only 2 0z. behind Ben. He had 12 lbs. 30z. with a 4 lb 6 0z. smallie for lunker. Joe and Greg Patterson tied for lunker smallmouth for the year.  Curt Anthony (BubbleBoy) came in 3rd and finished runner-up for the Championship. Also had lunker Largemouth for the year Not bad for out of the back of the boat. Conway was 4th and Greg Patterson took 5th. Harold Gist finished 6th.  Good Job by all.

                                                         Big Slack

The Club has not been to Big Slackwater in a few years. It treated us to high winds and cold weather. WELCOME BACK BOYS!!!   Curt and Harold had the hot boat. Curt bagging a limit  7 lbs. 5 oz. and also had lunker 2 lb. 2 oz. smallie.  That gave him first place. Harold had a 4th place finish  2 lbs. 7 0z.  Both used tubes off rocky bluffs. Ben was 2nd using  spinnerbait. He Had 4 fish for  5 lbs.  8 oz. Greg also using spinerbait was 3rd.  Conway  and Mike D. finished out  the points in 5th and 6th. It is on to Goldsboro for the finial showdown

                                                          Potomac #2

Once again a new group comes to the top. Bob Hassler and Marty Brunner shook things up by finishing 1st and 2nd. Bob had 8 lbs. 2 oz. using a wake bait early then a crank bait.  On a tough  day Marty was 2nd . He  had four fish for 6 lbs.  6 oz. You can call him "Lunker Man",  Big Fish Patterson" I'm just going to call him "Money" . Once again Greg has lunker  a 4 lb. 4oz. Large mouth. That gave him a 3rd place finish. 4th and 5th  were separated by 1 ounce. Curt Anthony was 4th with 4lb. 3 0z. and  Ben Gusciora  was 5th  one ounce behind.

  Fishing will not get any easier as the club moves to Big Slack. Could keep things close or someone  could take control

                                       The Bay

What a up and down year.  You are either hot or your not.  Curt was the one who  found a way to come in first.  He  had  8 lbs and a 5 lb. 4 oz lunker. Curt's weapon  "SURPRISE" a chatterbait.  Ben was 2nd using a spinnerbait. Bob claimed 3rd on a jig. and Harold finished out the  points in 4th. Now it is on to the Potomac for the next two. Tight race this year.  Anybody can win it all who will be hot next?

                                                                                                                      The Yough

The club looked at a new body of water to fish.  The jury is still out with mixed reviews. Mike Didawick found it to his liking. Mike used a tube for  his winning weight  of 9 lbs. 10 oz.  He also took lunker with a  2 lb. 11 oz smallmouth.  Greg Patterson did not have lunker this time but did finish 2nd with 8 lbs. even. Marty Brunner had a solid 3rd place  6 lbs. 5oz.  Curt Anthony had a good start to the day with 3 fish for 4 lbs. 8 0z. But stooped there finishing 4th.  Joe Hall was 5th and Ben Guscuira  in 6th.

                                                           Black Hills

We went from our biggest body of  water (Erie) to the smallest body of  water Black Hills.  With a roar of trolling motors we all headed across the lake. Ben Gusciora came back with  a winning bag  of 10 lbs. 9 oz.  His  partner Greg Patterson ( better  known as  " Big Fish Greg" or " Lunker Man"  once again took Lunker with a 4 lb. 1oz  largemouth.  He also ended in a tie for 2nd with  Joe  Hall . Both came back with  a 9 lbs. 11 oz. bag. Followed closely by Bob Hassler in 4th. 9lbs. 8 oz.  Dave Miller was right there with 8 lbs. 11ozs. giving  him 5th. And Mike Didawick took 6th


Erie was wet and cooler  this year. But still offered some good fishing. Joe  Hall  using drop shot and tubes on the main lake took 1st.  He had 37 lbs 2 oz. with  a 5lb. 9 oz lunker. Greg tied him for lunker . Ben Gusciora was 2nd . He also fished the main lake using cranks and jerk baits. Ben had 34 lbs. 4oz. Bob and Curt slugged it out in the bay for 3rd and 4th. They used tubes and jerk baits. Bob  had 28 lbs. 6 oz. followed by Curt with 27 lbs. 10 oz.  Mike Didawick finished in 5th and once again Greg finished out the points in 6th.


First  tournament of the year ended up being the battle of the 
rocks. Mike Didawick and Greg Patterson took a bumpy wet ride to Leesylvania.  They battled at the rocks with Pint and Curt.  Mike came away with 13lbs. 9 oz. for the win. Greg took lunker with 4 lbs. 3 oz.  They used  a combination of soft plastics and crank baits. Curt was a close 2nd 13lbs. 5 oz. he also was cranking.  Pint was 3rd on the rocks. Bob fished the pads for his 4th place finish. Could not find any room on the rocks. Ben was 5th and Greg finished out the points in 6th.